Group Dance & Theater Classes 

Here you can find listed all of our current group dance and theater classes! 

Classes in our regular school seasons (spring and fall) are held weekly and are usually 45 minutes in length. Summer and specialty classes will have their schedules listed. Scroll to see your desired season.
These regular classes run for the full school year, and we take a few weeks break over the Holidays between Fall and Spring Semesters. You're enrollment, and place held in class, is for the entire school year. 

Tuition is calculated per semester. You can see the prices per semester by class count on our "Prices List/Policies" Page. 

To help narrow things down, select your students age to see all options for them. Or when you click "Register" you can look at your entire family and it will automatically show you only classes that are right for you!

We are always happy to help you find the right classes personally! Just reach out to the contact info on our "Home Page".